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This one is a beautiful love story about a Princess who was living in her Father's Kingdom doing all that pleases her Father. Then she met with a Queen from far away who told her about her son who was a Prince. The Queen arranged for the two royal prince and princess to meet and walla just like a fairy tale, the two fell inlove.

I know this sounds like a fairytale but in reality Temogo and Bongani Zondi are the children of the Most High King who is God and both have had the blessing of being raised by God. Their story is beautiful and even their wedding was of Royalty. I got to know about Mr. Zondi through his wife's beautiful writing. Check her blog

Temogo had given me the priveledge of making her bridesmaids' dresses as well as her mother's dress. Her colour was the first time I've ever heard of, cypress green. She brought me a sample of fabric to match it. I have never made so many trips for so long to find the exact colour. It was not emerald green and not even avocado, nor bottle green but cypress green. I finally found the fabric in the colour required but all different fabrics at different shops. The fabric for the dress bottom at Pay and Save in Lenasia; the tulle for the inside skirt at HRN in Lenasia on another side, the lining at Chamdor in Roodepoort and then because I could not find the lace for the top at Oriental Plaza, Market street and at 109 Plein I had to go back to HRN. I found the lace in the same colour though embroidered with a bit of gold. I also had to go back and buy cream wite ribbon for their belts.

The bride and her younger sister
Mother and her daughter

Sisters united in prayer

 Mr. and Mrs Zondi's pictures were just also so breathtaking I could not choose which to post so I posted all their pictures I got from Mrs. Zondi's Album by permission.

I love this picture

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Mother of the bride in a dress by ForeverFaith Couture

And they are living happily ever after. Read their love story here:

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