Saturday, October 13, 2012


Once upon  a Rolex in a place of people graced with style and finesse, there lived a Fashion Godmother who's skill was of fabric, pins, needles and threads. She was known to turn fabric into dreamy gowns and garments that made young girls into princesses, women into queens, young men into princes and men into kings. The Fashion Godmother did not work with any magic but worked with the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. All she did before she touched or cut any fabric she went on her knees and spoke to her creator who gave her the powers and abilities she had.

One day the Fashion Godmother received a message from a good friend of hers from another Royal Kingdom asking the Fashion Godmother to make dresses for two beautiful Treasures. The two Treasures came with their mothers to tell the Fashion Godmother about the dresses they wanted to wear. One of the Treasures was undecided on her choice of colour so the Fashion GM took her on her dreamy chariot galloping from India to Mumbai  to find the perfect fabric which was a cost fit for a Royal Treasure. Both the Treasures dresses were made with love and the Fashion GM was fueled by the thought of the   smiles of the two treasures when they put on the dresses.

The Treasures came individually but one Treasure was brought by her mom and the other one by her aunt who is the Fshion GM's good friend. The first Treasure was wowwed and said she will come the next day to be dressed by the Fashion GM.She came all washed up, make up on and hair done. She put on the dress and indeed, like a Treasure she shined in her beautiful dreamy gown.

The second Treasure came, put on her dress. At first she was worried as someone wanted a dress similar to the one she chose but when the Fashion GM helped her put on her 3 piece dress (yes 3 pieces) she fell in love with it and looked like she fell right from the sky and shone in front of us.

Two Treasures, two Precious stones, found among rocks, were put in the hands of God's anointed hands to be dressed and styled couturegeously for their first ball. Each Treasure shined and looked beautiful according to their individuality and personality. They balled and wowwed those at the ball and they all lived happily ever after.

This is what fairytales are made of. Since I grew up reading these kind of stories I never desired to be the princess or Cinderella but I imagined myself as the Fairy Godmother who turned Cinderella's tattered clothes into a ballgown fit for a Royal Princess, put glass slippers on her shoes, turned  pumpkin into a carriage and mice into horses and carriage-men.

This is how I felt when I dressed these beautiful innocent girls. Their mothers who are not much older than me made me realize how they treasured their daughters by making sure the dresses do not steal their daughters' innocence. Because I love children and would do anything to make them happy and protect them I will do my best to maintain that.

Thanking God for His blessings and thanking my friend Vuvu Cindi who is one of my loyal clients. Thnk you girl for letting me dress your niece and her friend as I have also dressed you, your sister nd her husband on their wedding, your mom and your dad. Oh by the way I've dressed your son when he was a baby for his christening too. Wowww!!! Glory to God!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Friday, October 5, 2012


I love the Oscar Awards and The red Carpet Moments on E-entertainment just to see what the celebrities are wearing. E-entertainment is not eTV but a chanel made especially for the Hollywood entertainment industry, which shows the lives and fashion of the stars. Ok don't be offended now feeling like I am undermining you. I am just explaining for those who don't watch TV. I am not a TV person myself as I only watch TBN, Style Network,Girlfriends and I tolerate America's Next Top Model. I visit Fashion TV cos it's either I am watching it deliberately or it is making me sleepy with the music they play if it's on in the background. Okay, enough about TV this is a Fashion Designer's blog.

Well my point of the Oscars and Red Carpets was on the dressing up. I love dressing up more than just dressing other people. The one challenge is that I dislike looking like anybody or everyody else so I always think of what no one else would not think about. Unlike the young girls coming to me with pictures of celebrities hoping that I can put together the same garment forgetting that I am not a Fong Kong copy machine, I visualize then conceptualize and make a dress from my head. I miss those days when clients would just tell me they want a dress of a particular color and then I would go look for a perfect fabric and make th dress suitable for the particular client.

Ok, I did not mean to sound like I am complaining or boasting. I was just reminiscing on how life was easier without Google images. But hey there is a posive to this because it saves me sketching time and I am blessed the clients I get do not expect a "Made-in-China-replica" of an outfit. By God's grace I am empowered by God to make a dress "Designed To Fit" the client's body, personality and style.

I designed for myself this golden number with gold chains draping in front and at the back. I felt very expensive and couturageous as I arrived very fashionably late for our company's Award Evening. It was not on purpose as I missed receiving my own award. Oh, by the way I am a former Financial Advisor. I previously worked for Liberty Life for a year and went to Old Mutual for 3 years where I said good bye to focus on my passion, which is fashion.

I know, from Financial Advise to Fashion Design...well I was passing time because I never left fashion because I have been breathing fabrics and fashion since I was born as my granny was in that industry and I have been making clothes from since I knew how to hold a needle and pair of scissors.
Love the back draped with Gold chains                                                                                   

I wore my gold and chain drape dess with gold chain bracelet and gold earrings. Yep, I even had a gold ring and added with glittery gold nails. I really was a typical Gauteng-Place of Gold girl who looked like she was touched by King Midas himself and turned me into gold. But truly speaking I had received the Golden Touch of the one and only King of Kings who owns all the gold in the world. I was dressed by God and covered in His glory as always for Him to shine though me. Umm...what colour were my shoes? Not gold this time but broze with gold diamantes. If I remember well I think I had a gold clutch bag. If I had a chice I would not carry a bag but hey I can't be holding my mobile phone and keys in my hands so I need a bag that fits into the ooutfit,  Are you on overkill again? No don't worry if it was I would have opted for another colour. Ok tell me what colour bag goes with a head-to-toe Golden everything?

Draped in Gold

I just had to have another pic
I missed the pic with the whole team and my Distinguished gentlemen colleagues posed with me


White and Silver Dress
Making an outfit for myself is always such a challenge because I never want to look like over the top or look way too simple. It was not even easy finding the fabric that spoke to me because I got the idea of the dress when I saw it.

I wore this white gown to our church's End of the Year Gala Event. I trully felt like I was getting married to Christ that evening. For someone who understands spiritual cleansing and preparation, I felt like I was a bride in waiting as this was just after a long time in God's presence and white seemed the perfect color for me to wear that night. I am not much of a white clothes fan but this was an exception.
Chain Detail Dress
The dress as you can see had silver motifs in it and silver accessories were the perfect fit for this gown. For the love I have for chains my dress was accessorized with silver chains and so since the dress had its own accesories in it all I needed was silver earrings, silver watch as a bracelet and a silver clutch bag. Oh you might think this was a silver overkill but believe me silver shoes were the best option.
Faith and a friend from Church
I love these pictures because even my skin glowed like a bride's skin on her wedding day. All that was missing was a Prince Charming holding my hand but I had Jesus Christ embracing me through out the whole night.


I remember my English grammar teacher asking what is the reason of using the same letter as the first letter in every word in one sentence, I answered that it was for emphasis. This is called alleteration of the the letter T. well I used that in order to emphasis the transformation and outcome of a time consuming  process into a beautiful tutu dress for a beautiful teenager.

Tiisetso wanted a a royal blue with red corset-tutu dress for her matric ball. We had a mutual understanding that I would call her once I am done for her to do her first fitting. Surprisingly as she heard me that I had other orders I was working on and I will get to her order once I am done.

To tell the truth I had never made a corset (Lady Marmalade) top before so this would take me a while as I had to work on a mock one first. Then Tiisetso started calling me. At first her sister had not yet paid the deposit  then she brought it late one evening which caused me to go buy the fabric late. I then went to buy the fabric. Tiisetso could somehow not understand the words: "I will call you." She got her sister and her dad calling me. I could no longer take this torture and was adamant to refund them their deposit which is not good business.

I finally got to make and complete the dress. Tisetso came, put on the dress and fell inlove with it. Even her dad texted me to thank me.

At the end of all the panicking and the calls a young girl was happy.