Monday, September 26, 2016


Exactly one year later I finally manage to upload pictures to this blog-post.So this is also a way of saying happy on year anniversary to these awesome people in our lives.

Just having Fun
The 26th September 2015 was a day we anticipated and looked forward to last year because two special young people were getting married. Two people who are more like siblings to most of us than just friends, a young, beautiful and God-fearing Onica Sigasa and a young, talented, called and anointed Teboho Sengoai. This couple has been serving together in the same department as my husband and I at our local church. I had known the groom closely as he was friends with my husband and he was actually one of our groomsmen at our wedding. So this time the roles were changed and my husband was honoured the opportunity to be one of his groomsmen.

The Groom and his groommen

I have always known Onica as this sweet, friendly and very byoung looking teacher who was dedicated to serving in Children's Church ministry. I just knew that for our brother Teboho to decide to make her his wife, her beauty was really skin-deep. I have been to weddings of my friends who serve with use or in other departments at our church and their weddings were indeed blessed ceremonies. This one was just special on another level. This came just at the best time of the couple's lives.

The Couple and me in the background at our other couple friends' home

Here is why.... 

Ps. Teboho Sengoai
Our groom, Mr. Sengoai, had just been commissioned as a pastor together with my husband and his other groomsman, Mr. Simangaliso Ngidi, who is also our close friend. They were also joined by one special and anointed servant of God as well as our mutual friend, or rather brother, Mr. Lesley Nkosi. One of the bridesmaids was also engaged to be married to one of our pastors who had also been commissioned with the other pastors. The bride's make up was flawlessly done by one of our lady pastors, not pastor's wife but a pastor who was also commissioned with these men I  mentioned. How blessed is that to have a pastor touch your face and make you look flawlessly beautful. Wowwww!!!! Indeed our bride looked like she went to heaven and came back with a heavenly glow. The wedding cake was made by one of our older pastor's wives. She did exquisite work.This was indeed a pastoral wedding.

Cake by Mrs. Nonhlanhla Phake

So here comes the actual reason for this post, the bridesmaid's garments. I had the previledge of designing them. The colour scheme was my favourite colour, red!!!! I made the three bridesmaids, red dutchess satin dresses draped wth matching red chiffon. The dresses were meant to be simple and quick as the decision to get them made came late. Instead I ended up designing dresses accordng to each individual's charecter which took me over 10 hours per dress. I also had to make them Seshoeshoe dresses for the traditonal wedding as well as for the bride, groom and grromsmen.

Oh by the way, my husband's assistant photographer, who is his nephew, was one of the photographers, which was a service our company did as a special gift to the newly weds. It was a beautiful, blessed and perfect wedding of a young, called and anointed couple, Mr. and Mrs. Sengoai.

I had a very exhaustive and difficult two weeks having to go buy fabrics in Lenasia and in the CBD as well as babysit our son, make the dresses and arrange appointments for fittings. I had hired an assistant but because I still had to do the cutting and intructing her what to do it still took a lot out of me. By the grace of God I finished. I never had time to make my own dress so I had to make one in the morning. The only fabric I had available was red in colour which made me match with the bridesmaids unintentionally.
I happened to wear the same colour as the bridesmaids