Monday, January 4, 2016


2015 was somehow my year of making Sepedi garments. It was as if Bapedi people were referring each other to me. Oh but what a beautiful tradition this is with brigh colours and embroidery. I was entrusted with designing Sepedi outfits for my former colleague Wendy on her traditional wedding day as she was being married by her sweetheart Ezra. Their white wedding was the day before so the traditional wedding was actually the welcoming of the bride by the groom's family. Wendy is actually Zulu by origin and therefore they also had a Zulu traditional event at the bride's family home to  welcome the groom just the day before their wedding day. The groom is Mopedi (Nothern Sotho) and so Wendy and her bridesmaids had to wear Sepedi-inspired dresses.

My aquaintance with Wendy goes as far as 2007 when I met her as a friend of my friends. We thern got to meet again in 2009 through mutual friends who were my colleagues then and happened to be her former colleagues. One of those friend's of mine is Nomfundo who was my first client last year just after my maternity leave. I made her an outfit fo her 30th birthday.

Wendy and Nomfundo
I had do watermark my pictures because some people take my pictures and work and use as their own.
Wendy and Thuli

Here I am with the Wedding Entorouge

The Bridesmaids

The Lovely Couple

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