Thursday, January 1, 2015


I had an opportunity to make a Zulu outfit for men. There's a correct term for it. I will share it after I find out. My job here is to design and make garments not necessarily share my intelligence or knowledge of culture and traditions. Just like the Sepedi women's outfit, this is another time-consuming garment to make. It is simple to make as it was just a pair of pants and a sleeveless jacket but the patch-work is where the work is. I need to see people who are used to making these and see how they work on the patches and braiding because I was abused, scratched and mutilated by the pins I used to attach the patches before sewing them on. However I must say, I was quite impressed by the final product. I asked my husband to model it for me and he had fun doing Zulu dances in it.


I never knew making a Sepedi outfit is such a lot of work. The pleating and sewing the beadings in is the most time-consuming things that is why I need to hire people who will do the nitty gritty work. I had to design two Sepedi outfits for two different ages and size women. I decided to pleat the outfits myself so that I can save time and save the clients' money. If I had to outsource the pleating I would have had to make two trips which amounts to time consumed and petrol consumed. The clients also preferred beading sewn in instead of embroidery as that too required outsourcing because it is not my speciality. Once again, time and money saved.