Monday, July 15, 2013


I have grown to know that you do not really know a person until you get to dress them or rather have them in your closest circles of acquintances or friends. 

How I run my business is that I prefer building lifetime relationships than just necessarily having once off high priced sales of my products and services.

Well, here's the story of an an African Princess I have gotten an opportunity to know and dress. Her name is Nyiko Khoza. a beautiful Nubian Princess who goes by many African icons' names on her BBM (Blackberry messenger) and Miz Coza on Facebook (Ai sorry if I blew your cover). Why I call her an African or Nubian Princess? Well apart from her beautiful chocolate skin and dreadlocks this one proudly South African woman. However what makes her African is her values and character she upholds. I got to know her mother before I even met her because Nyiko had already represented her in her good manners and people-oriented character.

Check out Nyiko's blog:

Nyiko is so polite and the most happy client I have ever met. Well I am blessed with clients who are always happy and satisfied. It is just that I was astounded by when she placed an order for the first time she ordered 3 African-inspired dresses all at once and got excited with everyone of them. Just a month later she brought her mom as a new ForeverFaith Couture client and her mom was exactly as I imagined her (as friendly and full of love like Nyiko). .

By the way, Nyiko and I serve in the same ministry as teachers at our churh which is Children's Church Ministry. I first met her when I was a visiting her class. She was the first to arrive at my Pre-Marriage Ladies Bring and Share Gathering (way better than a bridal shower) and she was the funniest of them all.

See below Nyiko's dresses she ordered for The African Day on one of her out in Africa visits and work.

Nyiko In her ForeverFaith Couture

Nyiko dressed to "woww!"
Nyiko at a friend's Wedding

Nyiko with the bride,Gugu (centre) and a friend

Because my childhood dream was to be a model and be featured in magazines, I have a tendency to try on the clients' dresses that fit me and pose for the cameraman (my hubby) who never gets tired of snapping at me, I got into Nyiko's beatiful dresses as well....*hides*

 Wondering where is the third dress? Well Nyiko has not sent me her picture wearing it so I can't post my picture in it. I must say those dresses looked good on her. I appreciate her trusting me to dress her. As you should know by now, ForeverFaith Couture dresses are "Designed To Fit You".

                                            ForeverFaith Couture
                                         "Designed To Fit You"

Friday, July 5, 2013



If you have not seen this ostentacious dress by ForeverFaith Couture or do not have it in your collection you are so in the dark ages fashionably. This dress is the most a la mode thing any girl or woman can have in her cupboard.It fits into any kind of occasion...

Same dress tied infront makes a second dress

Worn as a dress with a Throw/Scarf

Fastened With A Thin belt to Have a Swanky look

Worn Loose to have that relaxed wear or to wear as a Maternity Dress

Worn Longer to have Posh Look

Designed To Fit Any Shape or Size of the woman you are

The ForeverFaith Couture Multi-wear dress..."Designed To Fit You" the way you like it.

                       See below the same dress worn as a top!!

Worn with Jeans it becomes a Multi-Style top

Me and My Husband After New Year's Eve 2012