Monday, April 16, 2012

SILENCE MEANS HARD AT WORK.....Designing garments only fairytales are made of""

Wow it's been quite a while since I written anything here. Let me think how many garments have I made since the last time I was here....mhhh..I will mention the ones that made me feel like "I want that for myself."

I always tell people that I can never take credit for God's work through me. As some of you know that unlike my inspiration and someone I admire, David Tlale, I did not study fashion designing. It is a God-given talent. This is why I will never think that I am good or not good at all but rather I give the glory to God for I work with Him in making every garment.

By the way, I was still counting how many wowwww! garments I made since the last time. Ok I made a black and creame, frilly dress for Lerato who was referred to me my best friend Masego Makgoro. I had to make one try out dress to see if it will look beautiful. Then I made a straight cut dress but finally made a third one that was flare and of which she loved. Lerato was thrilled with her dress she then let me design and make her a seshoeshoe (Sotho traditional fabric) jumpsuit. It is blue in colour with puffed sleeves with an umpire belt.

I was honored by a colleague from our Children's Ministry from church, Amanda Fononda lives in East London who asked me to make a traditional dress she wanted to give as a bithday gift to her friend who is from Belgium. We agreed on a red wrap-around seshoeshoe dress. I aslo made a repeat client, Fikile Moitlamo a two-in-one Seswati traditional-to-cocktail dress (see previous blog for pics).

I then had to make a sexy red S.T.A.D (sexytightassdress) for my friend Lungile Ngubane, Utopia Sexpert which she was meant to wear at her event but due to time constraints and both of us not being able to meet she could not wear it. Oooh this dress is another must have in a girl's collection. 

I had to make my sister, Mapula Ratlailane a dress for a family unveiling where the colour scheme was black and lime green. The dress is made of a very expensive stretchy black lace and has a lime green under dress. When she came to get it she was over the moon. She saw Lungile's red S.T.A.D and fell in love with it. Knowing my sister is such a typical medical doctor and not really moved by fashion  (loves her simple classical garments) she was really moved by this dress and placed an order for one as well.

The other dress which is like the S.T.A.D  but this one is loose fitting for physically-blessed women was for a lady on my street. Her's was lime green. Though she stays on my street we had a break down of communication as in time she needed the dress. I was 30 minutes late. But thanks God she is kind-hearted, and understanding she did not get any dramatic.   

I also had the pleasure of making two man's suits. One navy suit lined with orange lining for Phillip Mawanga and a black suit lined with grey for my friend Edwin Tshabalala. I cannot wait for the two gentleman to come get their suits.

On Saturday I missed a wedding in Newcastle, of a friend and colleague from our church ministry, Zandi Silindile Nkosi formely Nyoka because I had to complete a little (not kiddies) orange and beige, beaded baloon dress for another one of Masego's friends and referral, Puseletso. The dress is specially designed for her and with her in mind beacuse it looks good on her than on me.

The reason I mentioned people by name is my sign of gratitude towards them trusting me with their image and money. I thank God daily and so I thank them as well. I am just a vessel so without God I would be useless....

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