Monday, April 13, 2015


Mr. and Mrs. Nthoba

2013 was an interesting year in regards to my business and clients I had. I had two different extremes of clients. I had easy clients and difficult ones. The highlight of ending my year was a 17 year old who had no understanding that fabric shops in South Africa do not have the same fabric as overseas fabric shops and the different fabrics will never make the dress flow the same way as the one in the picture. I went to 4 different fabric places (Oriental Plaza, Chamdor, Lenasia and Jozi CBD) to find the closest fabric to hers. She did not even believe me that shops don't stock all colours anyone dreams of.

She came for her first fitting and did not like the dress fabric so I went on a journey to find another one and by God's grace I found it. I asked her sister who was paying for the dress to accompany her but she could not come. To cut a long story short she came alone, fitted the dress, said nothing to me but sent her older sister a text. She said nothing on the way I went to drop her off by her taxis stop. Istead her sister called me. After spending all the money I did, doing all I could to make a teenage girl happy, I cancelled the order and refunded her sister the money. I figured my health is much important in this instance and here I was taking my family time to make a dress which at the end costing more than I quoted the clients. Her sister understood very well I did not do this out of anger or bad service she understood her baby sister was impossible to please.

Well thanks to the young girl I had a dress for a friend's wedding since I am the same size as her (client) and I never found time to make an outfit for myself for that wedding . I have never liked royal blue colour ever but wow I loved how it looked on me. As the word of God goes: "All things work together for good for those that love God", despite the time and money I spent to put this dress together it was not a loss after all and I really looked good on that day with my red bag and matching red shoes. I even received over a 100 likes on Facebook and got an order for the same dress. My beloved hubby even bought a royal blue and white shirt and navy blue suit to match my couturegeous royal blue dress.

In My Husband's Loving Arms

The Newly Weds, Mr. and Mrs. Jiyana

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