Monday, April 6, 2015


I had an opportunity to serve two teenage girls again for a matric ball at the same time. The two girls are nieces (one is actually a cousin) of an aquintance of mine from church, Mr Nhlanhla Mabaso who brought his other young cousin Lerato last year for a white grecian-inspired dress. The two young ladies names are Tshepo and Mabose.

Both girls knew what they wanted and were not willing to change their minds. Mabose wanted a royal blue and white princess cut ballgown while Tshepo wanted a red mermaid cut dress. I went looking for the fabrics before I even got the deposit in order to know where to go when I go buy. Mabose's colour (royal blue) was not in stock and I had to wait for two weeks for the shop to order it.
Tshepo Fitting Her Dress

Tshepo Fitting Her Dress

Mabose Fitting Her Dress

The stress came for me when I only found out last minute that I had only two weeks to make the two dresses on top of another order from 3 clients for 2 Sepedi dresses, one Seshoeshoe and a man's linen traditional dress. Amazing through my dependence on prayer and God's interventioned I managed to complete all the orders in time. But because the girls also had exams to write the final fittings were done on the day before the ball and the dress fitted perfectly. I only had to change Tshepo's dress as per her mom's request to put in straps. Her mom felt that it was to provacative for her age as it showed cleavage when it was strapless.
From Strapless Dress To a Dress With Straps

The girls were happy, cousin/uncle Nhlanhla was happy, the moms and aunts were happy and I was happy too and I give all thanks and glory to God who helped me in making these dresses. One of the girls' cousin (another girl) wanted a navy and white suit to go as plus one with Mabose to the ball. Her suit was made by someone else. Thanks to God they had a taylor for that as it would have been too much work if it was added to those dresses. What made me even happy about the outcome of the dresses is that they made up for the dress I cancelled with the hard-to-please teenager who nearly made me cancel making matric ball dresses to avoid dealing with hard-to-please and spoiled teenagers.

Mabose And Her Cousin As Her Plus 1
Tshepo At The Ball With Her Date
Both Girls Looking Beautiful

Suit Made By Someone Else

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