Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I remember my fellow Children's Church teacher, Nhlanhla Mabaso aka Ming, telling me that he is going shopping with his niece for her matric ball dress. He asked me which shops can he go to and I told him of one I knew but reminded him that making dress is also my trade and talent. They first went shopping and the following week he gave me a call to bring his niece through for dress measurements.

It was quite a wait and appointment reschedulings but Nhlanhla insisted to still bring her through. It was a late Sunday afternoon when I have already changed into my makoti (bride/daughter-in-law) garments knowing I am not seeing anyone anymore for the day. I was with my hubby at his parents' house. I tried explaining to Nhlanhla why I can't see him there but he was persistent and apologetic. Finally, they came. I met Lerato, his niece. A very sweet petite 17 year old little girl. She hoped I could make the dress for her. Well who would say no to such an angel-looking and well-mannered child?


Lerato had sent me a picture of the dress she hoped for. I used it as an idea of what she would like and I made a peach draping dress with a silver chain detail and a silver sequined belt. I asked her to come try it on first because I was not sure if she would like it or would still insist on her initial choice. Nhlanhla brought her over with his whole family and other nieces. They were head over heels with the dress. Lerato was excited and loved it more. I was happy to get the reaction and feed back.


I had to go buy the chain for the dress as the dress was just pinned on the mannequin when she first saw it. She then came and waited while I completed the dress so she can be able to fit it as I worked on it. The mannequin was about four sizes bigger than Lerato so she had to be her own life mannequin. She was such a pleasant and humble client-turned-visitor. The dress was then completed and she asked to pick it up the following day. She sent me the pictures of herself all dressed for the ball and wow!!! What an angel she resembled!


               Thanking the Mabaso's for letting me dress their beautiful angel.

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