Thursday, October 24, 2013


 I always feel blessed to design dresses for a bride's wedding. Whether its for her bridesmaids, husband's groomsmen or even just one of the wedding entorouge. I had such an opportunity to do so for Kelebogile Masanabo (formely Nke)'s four bridesmaids.

She had wanted pink tutu dresses with purple belts and purple seshoeshoe peplum dresses mixed with pink. I found a beautiful and different print seshoeshoe in pink that had a touch of purple and yellow. I mixed with purple. The ladies were impressed with the dresses they fitted before completion.

Shoo! I have never worked for so long on an order as I did on the tutu dresses,. Finding the right pink tulle (net) was a mission and the right purple for the maid of honor. I did not even notice I was only left with a week to finish. I thought I still had two weeks left forseeing the work still to be done. Well with all the further search and shopping for extra tulle fabric for the tutus in Fordsburg and then Lenasia I managed to complete the dresses.

I give all thanks to God whom I prayed to for strength daily before I started working. I managed through God's help to work non-stop for 11days from 7am-12am without tiring. The only bad out of this was that the ladies never got to do fittings before the day of the wedding as they were already in the Northwest and I only delivered the dresses in Randburg for the groom to take with on the morning before the wedding day.

I was so exhausted and out of time I could not even make a dress I promised a mother for her 4 years old daughter for her playschool graduation. I went straight to bed only to wake up and realize I forgot one bridesmaid's dress belt. I called Kelebogile and she asked to please take it to Eastgate to one bridesmaid who just knocked off from work. I cried so much knowing how exhausted I was. I called my husband to mmet me in Eastgate as I do n ot want to drive back with traffic by myself. I was so not okay that I took the wrong offramp that took me to Springs instead of Eastgate. At that moment of turning back Kele's husband called me and gave me an alternative somebbody to take the belt to. He was in Johannesburg CBD. Luckily my husband was still on a taxi to the CBD. I met with him and we delivered the belt.

The nerves from the moment of delivery to the next day hoping to hear good news were disabling my thinking. Finally I received pictures one by one from Kelebogile and asked some from one of the bridesmaids. I even dowloaded some from their WhatsApp profile pictures.

I thank God for this honorable opportunity to be part of a wedding by Him in spirit as throughout the designing and making of the garments I was in prayer for the wedding and the blessed couple's marriage. Thank you Kelebogile Masanabo. You will definately make a virtous wife. Your husband has trully found a good thing.


"Designed To Fit you"

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