Friday, August 16, 2013


Posh! Oh My Gosh was this year's theme at the Durban July Horse Races. My clients did not want something Avant Garde or out of theordinary. They wanted garments they will surely wear again.

The two Flowers: Mbali (flower) and Florina (flower)

My friend Florina Moerane, whom I call Flawless Flo because of her flawless skin and character came with her friend Mbali Nkosi to have me design dresses for them. Flo gave me the liberty of choosing the design andcolour for her which made work easy for me. Mbali's dress was inspired by another dress she liked but it came out as a ForeverFaith Couture original as it was nowhere close to the other dress. The main thing she wanted was a one-sleeved dress.

Flo's dress was a deep orange peplum (posh) dress with an animal print flip under the peplum(Oh my gosh!) and Mbali's dress was a one-sleeved dress (Posh) made of a stretchy-ribbed gold-touched fabric that had a detacheable chiffon peplum and animal print belt (Oh my gosh!). The ladies really looked couturegeous in their ForeverFaith Couture orignals. Flo even told me she had  people take photos of her endlessly. All glory to God!

The ladies looking couturegeous matching with their hats

Flo's back of her dress was mostly admired and I bet she had one of the popular backs in Durban! The dress had buttons covered with the animal print fabric (Posh! Oh my Gosh!)

The Famous Animal Print Back

Florina Flower

Flo mingling with friends

Well since some of my clients never send me pictures as they promised, I took the dress to Flo for fitting and had a couple of snapshots of her the day before the event.

Flawless is she not?

Pretty Flo


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