Friday, July 5, 2013



If you have not seen this ostentacious dress by ForeverFaith Couture or do not have it in your collection you are so in the dark ages fashionably. This dress is the most a la mode thing any girl or woman can have in her cupboard.It fits into any kind of occasion...

Same dress tied infront makes a second dress

Worn as a dress with a Throw/Scarf

Fastened With A Thin belt to Have a Swanky look

Worn Loose to have that relaxed wear or to wear as a Maternity Dress

Worn Longer to have Posh Look

Designed To Fit Any Shape or Size of the woman you are

The ForeverFaith Couture Multi-wear dress..."Designed To Fit You" the way you like it.

                       See below the same dress worn as a top!!

Worn with Jeans it becomes a Multi-Style top

Me and My Husband After New Year's Eve 2012


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