Friday, January 18, 2013

ForeverFaith Couture…”Designed To Fit You”

ForeverFaith Couture is a fashion label and an image consultancy owned by Faith Monchusi. I am ForeverFaith Couture because I am the brand, the Fashion Designer and image stylist. ForeverFaith Couture designs, dresses, does personal shopping and styles individuals, designs and styles image of events and business premises.

ForeverFaith Couture’s slogan is “Designed to Fit You”. By that I mean we design clothes and give you a personal image, design, plan and style events and design and style the image of business premises to fit the character and message the individual or company wants to communicate. Our motto is Everything Couture. We are all about individuals, companies, and anyone who wants to be couturegeous. That means being so extremely and uniquely gorgeous, as well as being couture in that sense and extremely well mannered and sophisticated. The image we help you establish is intended to communicate someone or business that is on point with what is happening and what people are looking for.


We do not only design, dress and style but we also hold one-on-one consultancies which will be growing into group meetings, workshops and seminars, fashion days for individuals, people getting married, small businesses, event organizers, etc in which style, how you present and market yourself and all that is necessary to help them stay on point with presentation, communication and marketing.

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