Friday, October 5, 2012


I remember my English grammar teacher asking what is the reason of using the same letter as the first letter in every word in one sentence, I answered that it was for emphasis. This is called alleteration of the the letter T. well I used that in order to emphasis the transformation and outcome of a time consuming  process into a beautiful tutu dress for a beautiful teenager.

Tiisetso wanted a a royal blue with red corset-tutu dress for her matric ball. We had a mutual understanding that I would call her once I am done for her to do her first fitting. Surprisingly as she heard me that I had other orders I was working on and I will get to her order once I am done.

To tell the truth I had never made a corset (Lady Marmalade) top before so this would take me a while as I had to work on a mock one first. Then Tiisetso started calling me. At first her sister had not yet paid the deposit  then she brought it late one evening which caused me to go buy the fabric late. I then went to buy the fabric. Tiisetso could somehow not understand the words: "I will call you." She got her sister and her dad calling me. I could no longer take this torture and was adamant to refund them their deposit which is not good business.

I finally got to make and complete the dress. Tisetso came, put on the dress and fell inlove with it. Even her dad texted me to thank me.

At the end of all the panicking and the calls a young girl was happy.

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