Friday, October 5, 2012


White and Silver Dress
Making an outfit for myself is always such a challenge because I never want to look like over the top or look way too simple. It was not even easy finding the fabric that spoke to me because I got the idea of the dress when I saw it.

I wore this white gown to our church's End of the Year Gala Event. I trully felt like I was getting married to Christ that evening. For someone who understands spiritual cleansing and preparation, I felt like I was a bride in waiting as this was just after a long time in God's presence and white seemed the perfect color for me to wear that night. I am not much of a white clothes fan but this was an exception.
Chain Detail Dress
The dress as you can see had silver motifs in it and silver accessories were the perfect fit for this gown. For the love I have for chains my dress was accessorized with silver chains and so since the dress had its own accesories in it all I needed was silver earrings, silver watch as a bracelet and a silver clutch bag. Oh you might think this was a silver overkill but believe me silver shoes were the best option.
Faith and a friend from Church
I love these pictures because even my skin glowed like a bride's skin on her wedding day. All that was missing was a Prince Charming holding my hand but I had Jesus Christ embracing me through out the whole night.

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