Friday, September 28, 2012


This time of the year is a season for Matric Dance Balls or should I say Senior Year Ball in South Africa. Fashion designers like get very busy with teenage girls coming through to get their dresses designed and made. Thank God for Google images one does not really have to deal with sketches drawn as if by a kindargarten kid or having to draw what a young girl percieves in her mind as possible to put on paper and transform into a dream dress. I did not study Fashion Designing formerly remember (Please refer to my first post on this blog). However the challenge is some of them expect you to create an exact duplicate of some celebrity's dress and you have to explain how different the fabrics are and that you are not a copy machine. Every designer's touch is different.

I had the most dresses to design for Matric balls in this year as compared to previous years. I already made two dresses, one for Kealeboga and another for Benni (see previous posts). I also made one for a gorgeous young girl called Tiisetso whom I will share the experience of making her dress later. I just 

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