Friday, October 5, 2012


I love the Oscar Awards and The red Carpet Moments on E-entertainment just to see what the celebrities are wearing. E-entertainment is not eTV but a chanel made especially for the Hollywood entertainment industry, which shows the lives and fashion of the stars. Ok don't be offended now feeling like I am undermining you. I am just explaining for those who don't watch TV. I am not a TV person myself as I only watch TBN, Style Network,Girlfriends and I tolerate America's Next Top Model. I visit Fashion TV cos it's either I am watching it deliberately or it is making me sleepy with the music they play if it's on in the background. Okay, enough about TV this is a Fashion Designer's blog.

Well my point of the Oscars and Red Carpets was on the dressing up. I love dressing up more than just dressing other people. The one challenge is that I dislike looking like anybody or everyody else so I always think of what no one else would not think about. Unlike the young girls coming to me with pictures of celebrities hoping that I can put together the same garment forgetting that I am not a Fong Kong copy machine, I visualize then conceptualize and make a dress from my head. I miss those days when clients would just tell me they want a dress of a particular color and then I would go look for a perfect fabric and make th dress suitable for the particular client.

Ok, I did not mean to sound like I am complaining or boasting. I was just reminiscing on how life was easier without Google images. But hey there is a posive to this because it saves me sketching time and I am blessed the clients I get do not expect a "Made-in-China-replica" of an outfit. By God's grace I am empowered by God to make a dress "Designed To Fit" the client's body, personality and style.

I designed for myself this golden number with gold chains draping in front and at the back. I felt very expensive and couturageous as I arrived very fashionably late for our company's Award Evening. It was not on purpose as I missed receiving my own award. Oh, by the way I am a former Financial Advisor. I previously worked for Liberty Life for a year and went to Old Mutual for 3 years where I said good bye to focus on my passion, which is fashion.

I know, from Financial Advise to Fashion Design...well I was passing time because I never left fashion because I have been breathing fabrics and fashion since I was born as my granny was in that industry and I have been making clothes from since I knew how to hold a needle and pair of scissors.
Love the back draped with Gold chains                                                                                   

I wore my gold and chain drape dess with gold chain bracelet and gold earrings. Yep, I even had a gold ring and added with glittery gold nails. I really was a typical Gauteng-Place of Gold girl who looked like she was touched by King Midas himself and turned me into gold. But truly speaking I had received the Golden Touch of the one and only King of Kings who owns all the gold in the world. I was dressed by God and covered in His glory as always for Him to shine though me. Umm...what colour were my shoes? Not gold this time but broze with gold diamantes. If I remember well I think I had a gold clutch bag. If I had a chice I would not carry a bag but hey I can't be holding my mobile phone and keys in my hands so I need a bag that fits into the ooutfit,  Are you on overkill again? No don't worry if it was I would have opted for another colour. Ok tell me what colour bag goes with a head-to-toe Golden everything?

Draped in Gold

I just had to have another pic
I missed the pic with the whole team and my Distinguished gentlemen colleagues posed with me

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