Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Making The Peplum Chinese-Inspired Dress

The First Fit
Faith is born to pose

The Detachable Peplum
This was a very fun but demanding project. My friend, Faith was...iteresting to work with. Quite creative as she came up with the coral addition to her dress.

Born to Pose
I enjoyed taking the pictures as she just naturally posed for every shot. Whether she is smiling or not she looks gorgeous in all the pictures. Eye contact with the camera or not Faith has Model skills.

Finishing the dress was like...shooo finally! and Wowww!! She looks Couturegeous!!! I really was relieved as she was happy at the end. This was worth not sleeping that evening. Thank you Faith "NgwanaMobu" Mofokeng.

                                                            ForeverFaith Couture
                                                           "Designed To Fit You"

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