Friday, June 8, 2012


I am laughing as I write this recalling how my man looked unusual in a traditional outfit that I asked him to put on so I could take pictures of him as my male model. You see while you are still building your brand as a Fashion Designer you have to make sure you capture every garment you make for portfolio purposes. Now because not all clients like to pose and some are just not photogenic I have to model some of the clothes myself, use hubby for the mens and my mom and dad for older people. Well God has blessed me with a beautiful family so there really is no need for make up.

ForeverFaith Couture Suit

But the color looks good on him
I could see how weird and funny he felt dressed in a linen and umkhulu print fabric as compared to when he wore ForeverFaith Couture suit. This proves that not every style suits everyone. There are men who look good in traditional outfits/ afrocentric outfits but my man looks breathtaking in a tailored suit. Anyway I love me a man in a suit. Em correction: I love me MY man in a suit. 

I cracked up when he got out in the cream and brown ensemble and not feeling it and having no idea how to pose. At first he just stood there looking akward. He then started dancing and singing like Ladysmith Black Mambazo. He picked up a glass vase from the table and held it like a traditional utensil or something.

ForeverFaith Couture

It was a "moment" to remember and he has these pictures to remind him of his Black Mambazo days in 2012. This is the man of the Eternal Moment...every moment enjoyed eternally in love and Fashion Forever with ForeverFaith Couture.

This is a beautiful traditional suit
I can laugh at him in this outfit but I thank God for models I do not have to pay. LOL! Actually I praise God for this incredible gift of cutting fabric and making such beautiful garments.

Not a clear pic but added it for FUN
 Every man needs two or three linen/ seshoeshoe outfits for those traditional weddings you get invited to. As I posted in the previous blog I was so happy with a colleague and friend's blue linen outfit. It was purely linen and no seshoeshoe. See below:

Lucky in Blue/Navy Linen

                                                            ForeverFaith Couture
                                                           "Designed To Fit You"

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