Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Honoured To Dress You...

Sometimes I wish I had all the time in the world to blog as much as I talk and work. So much good has been happening in my life. No, let me rather stick to speaking about my life with fabric and fashion designing. As much as my personal, spiritual, family and love life affects my creativity and productivity I just want to speak about the garments what is involved in costructing them...for now. One great man in my life who cannot be separated from this is my Father, Creator and CEO, God Almighty.

Faith "NgwanaMobu" Mofokeng
Faith Mofokeng
I have been blessed these past months with opportunities of designing for and dressing anointed, most favoured, and virtuous Women(and men) of God. Just a month and a half ago I had intended on sharing about making a dress for my other friend who is my namesake, Faith Mofokeng. That was the  longest hours of sitting in front of the machine to complete the dress for this great woman of God. I cut the dress on Friday morning or Thursday evening (it's so long ago I forgot), Faith had to come through amd decided to stay overnight as I burnt the lantern like a Proverbs 31 woman. I sewed the dress throughout the night and finished at 9am. Well at least Faith got to catch up on a little beauty sleep while I worked. Thanks to God it was a beautiful peplum dress made with a Chinese fabric (well there is a name for this fabric)  and my friend enjoyed posing for the pictures as I snapped away with the camera.
Lucky Leshoro

You are probably wondering why I only made that dress only on Friday. I had to make a gentleman's linen suit the previous week (point of correction not just any man but a Godly Gentleman) by the name of Lucky Nkhoma. Wow! I had intended to blog about the past week and now I find myself going on about men and women of God that I had to dress. If you haven't noticed I am a woman who does things as led by the Holy Spirit so let me blog as I am being inspired by God. Everything I do is not out of my own strength but through the work of God in my life. As I always tell my clients: "I am just a vessel).

Mentioning Lucky's outfit reminds me that in the previous week I made a formal suit for another Man of God and a friend of mine Edwin Tshabalala. As the title says: Honoured to Dress You... I am really honored to dress all these great people.

Strike a POSE!!
Last Saturday I went to a wedding of one of the teachers I fellowship and serve with in the same department at my church. It was such pleasure to be at such a beautiful blessed event and having three women dressed in ForeverFaith Couture. Firstly it was Lesego Tau, a friend and rather my younger sister I acquired in Christ. She wore this beautiful grey winter dress with a detachable cowl neck and a chain detail. Making this dress was quite a challenge in her mind as I said to her the night before I designed it: "Can you please trust me and allow me to design a dress for you without locking me into a specific design you want?" Lesego, being a woman of faith placed her trust in the God in me and allowed me that liberty to design as I could. This is another
one of those MUST-HAVE ForeverFaith Couture Dress. She came to dress by my place of work. Lesego had allowed me to dress her two weeks prior in a beige and red ForeverFaith Multi-way dress.

I got to church and found Lesegorgeous wearing the grey tight- fitting, ForeverFaith Couture dress standing to an older lady and teacher from our church, Mama Busi Maumakwe wearing a ForeverFaith Couture Two-way Afrocentric jacket and matching skirt. The suit is red in color contrasted with an African multi-coloured jacket which she wore on the multi-colored side.

I became so overjoyed when I heard the newly-wedded Thembekile Leshoro (she is my other fellow teacher at our church's Children's Ministry) was at the wedding as well also wearing a coral-coloured ForeverFaith Couture Multi-way dress. She looked gorgeous and carried the dress with pride. Gliding like Queen Esther after her 12 months of soaking in perfume and preparation before being presented to the king. I think it is the Marriage glow which I could not help but had to rub on it to catch on its anointing (hmmm I was sitting next to another newly-wed couple, Zandile and Mlungisi Nkosi. And on Thembi's wedding I sat with the Futhwas who were getting married on this day. #startstopray) . If my camera could capture the flowing dress as she walked and danced I would have taken those pictures.  I love this dress so much because it is always Designed to fit every woman as she is projected in my heart and in my eyes. I made the same dress but Designed To Fit the beautiful Vuvu Cindi and many other women like Lebo Ledwaba, Zita Ceza, and many other women of God.

Zandile and Mlungisi Nkosi
Lucky and Kamohelo Futhwa
I thank God and all these virtuous, beautiful, strong-willed and Christ- loving women of God and the powerful, God-loving and God-Fearing men of God, for allowing me the opportunity to dress them. Indeed it is always an Honour To Dress You.

Thembekile Leshoro

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