Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Going Down Fashion and Fabric Lane (Continued)

What does Faith, Fabric, Fashion and Fabulousity have in common?                                            Well I don't have to spell it out. Faith, Fashion, Fabric and Fabulousity are Forever. 
                  For Fine, Fitting, Fashionable Fabulousity, Find ForeverFaith Couture.


Ok, going back down Fashion and Fabric Lane; people always ask me:"Did you study Fashion Designing?" Well the answer is.... "No". To tell you the truth, I was born for Fashion. I am not a self-made Fashion Designer but actually a born and anointed Fashion Designer. Even my mom saw it at a very early age. She never bought me toy tea-sets or toy stoves. She bought me a play sewing machine, some hand crafting sets and dolls not teddy bears but dolls that needed a Fashion Make over. I remember my Alice in Wonderland doll who came wearing a blue and white frock with an alice band! Oh my I gave her a total make over. Well she is still around to speak for herself since 1985 and she is wearing a micro mini denim dungaree dress. LOL!

I then started redesigning clothes by sewing frills onto my denim shorts, making bags out of denim pants, making my own little tops and skirts then my friends brought their own to be redesigned.

Ok fast forward to my Matric Ball- I designed my matric ball gown but it was sewn by some lady and then I designed for my friends in tertiary as well. I realized how people trusted my Fashion advice and kept thinking...mhhh this could be my career: "Advising and assisting people on what to wear, how to dress, what hairdo to have and shoes and accessories to match.

Why did I not study Fashion Designing? Well... That is another story. What remains is the truth and the truth is "I was born for Fashion and yes I am anointed to do this."

           " Watch this space and see God's glory flow and shine for the world to see."

I will be blogging and posting pictures of my work as and when I get time off my work which God has called me to do. Dresss and style the world.

                                                       ForeverFaith Couture
                                                      "Designed To Fit You"

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