Tuesday, March 6, 2012

FOREVERFAITH COUTURE, Going Down Fashion and Fabric lane

ForeverFaith Couture is my clothing label and it is the name of my Fashion Design and Image Consultancy. ForeverFaith Couture was born ForeverFaith Fashion, Fun and Image Firm in 2000 and was changed to ForeverFaith Design'a Dream and then from Dreams it was Creations.

I have been passionate about Fashion, Fabric, image and style since I was 7 years old whe my granny taught me how to use a sewing needle by sewing a handmade carpet with pieces of fabric. Sewing and Crocheting was more like a fun period a school rather than a school subject. When my classmates made one pillow each for 6months I made tons of them.

I also had the pleasure and opportunity of cutting out the pattern and shirts with my teacher for my classmates in grade 7. I finished all my grades items: apron in grade 5, shirt in grade 6 and a dress in grade 7. 

I grew up loving dolls and making clothes for them and none of my dolls had no clothes. I even took my friends' dolls home and brought them back to their owners with loads of clothes. I had actually forgotten about this until a former school mate reminded me. I was never fond of playing in the street. If I was not on the floor by the side of my bed with pieces of different fabrics all over you would find me with a book and a pen writing a story or poem or maybe reading anything I got my hands on.

I love fashion. As cliche as it sounds...my passion is fashion. My addiction is writing and my prescription is reading. I have stored Cosmopolitan magazines dated as far back as 1993. I always had this fantasy that one day I will have a Fashion, Image and Beauty House where these magazines would be put all around the house as wall displays. LOL!

Let me end here just to keep this short. I will surely post some pictures soon!!

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