Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I had the most busiest weekend ever since Friday, but this was not the first. As per my previous blog, I had to design a dress for a friend-cum-client the whole day of Friday. I went to deliver the dress on Saturday evening and she loves the dress to bits. It is indeed a gorgeous dress that was designed with her in mind and I know it will be the next selling item in my line.  Every woman should have this dress and every guy should buy it for his lady. Check out the pics.

I do not depend on myself for creativity, strength and ability to achieve my goals and make my clients happy. I depend on  my Father and creator. I am who I am and what I am because of Him in my life. I did not study Fashion Designing and I am not really self-taught but I have actually been blessed my God with this talent and abilities I have.

The world frowns at you when they ask you: "Did you study Fashion Designing?" or "What are your qualifications to do what you are doing?" if your response is "No" or "It is a God-given talent." I will never try to prove the world right but rather I will use what God has given me to show His glory because it is in what we lack that what He gives is seen. I am waiting for God to open those avenues where He will wow the world of Fashion and win those who do not believe.

God said to me His plans are to prosper me. He says "I the Lord your God will direct you to make profit" and He has shown me that indeed "I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me". I have grown to learn that if you go by the world's expectations you will be boxed in and never reach your God-given potential. God is no respecter of persons meaning what He can do for another He will do for you too. He created all of us to prosper in every area of our lives- spiritually, financially, emotionally and physically. All we need to do is align our lives with Him by living according to His word and having a relationship with Him. That is why God tells us to "NOT conform to the patterns of this world but be be transformed by the renewal of our minds". The way to renew our minds goes back to reading and meditating on His word, praying always and seeking His guidance in everything.

One of the messages I received and live by that I received from my Apostle Mosa Sono is that God has given all of us talent to create wealth and I remember he said as well that the graveyard is the richest place in the world because it is full of talent that was never used. Therefore by all means every gift, be it spiritual, physical and all the talents and abilities I have, I pray that I use them to honour God.

I live my life for God. Though I have had moments of being caught up in self by gratifying the flesh, following my own decisions without consulting Him I have learned from the repercussions thereafter. It is all by His grace and the fact that He is a loving and merciful God that I am still alive and able to write what I am writing now.

I went to  a Leadership Conference on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon at our church, Grace Bible Church Soweto. It was very equipping and refilling thanks to God. My life on weekends is dedicated to God as I serve as a teacher in Children's Church Ministry (we usually have meetings on Saturdays),  I am a team leader at Youth and therefore every Sundays I attend the 7am service until 8:45, teach at 9am-11am and attend Youth at 12:00 to 15:00. So my weekend was church, church, church as always. I am not complaining because I am doing it all for God and I enjoy every moment of it. I think I have a hectic-weekend hangover cos I have been sick the whole day. I also serve on the Grace Bible Church Website team as an articles writer and as well as projects team (this month I get to church at 6am for projects).

I also had to go deliver another dress (the 6 styles-in-one dress) on Sunday evening to Vuvu Cindi on Sunday evening after all my church activities and after Youth service meeting with my team members. We actually had cake and snacks to celebrate our team. Then I met my two business partners. God said "Be fruitful and multiply" so ForeverFaith Couture is not the only baby I have. Oh Vuvu loved her dress but I just need to reconstruct something on it to make her comfortable as she felt it makes her too sexy and bootyliscious which is not what she wants to portray of herself.

I ended my weekend by watching a movie with my soul and spiritual friend, Mothopi Matli. It was a good movie and perfect for a Sunday.

I am fully dependent on God and not myself because the work I do cannot be self-sufficient. With every fabric I cut I invite Him to use me as His instrument. Like I always tell my clients: "I am just a VESSEL". I have been given an opportunity by God to organize Fashion shows, Miss Kaizer Chiefs Greater Soweto 2002  and many more. He says He has not gotten me anywhere yet and I know I am going higher with God. I know that He has blessed me to be a blessing to those who are not privileged. The earth is the Lord's and all that is in it. God is my Father and that makes the heir of what He owns. I am in the preparation room to woww the world for His glory.

If you are wearing ForeverFaith Couture know that you are wearing something touched and anointed

by God. I am just a vessel.

                                                      ForeverFaith Couture
                                                     "Designed To Fit You"


Anonymous said...

Wow, a woman of God who acknowledges the fact that her talent is not something the world gave her, but rather, something God placed in her. I really love your designs and I believe God is going to bless you even more because you give Him credit in all you do.

Your blog posts are both about fashion and trusting God and I really really love that and applaud you for that. Keep being a vessel and let God bless other people through you.

Faith Nthoba said...

Thank you and glory to God