Friday, March 16, 2012


It's Friday morning just after midnight (actually after 1am). It's time Faith should be fellowshipping with her Father in prayer but here I am again giving you a preview of what I am working on for a fine fabulous woman referred to me by my flippin' fine friend Masego Mokgoro. Yeah this is Masego in her specially "Designed to Fit You" ForeverFaith Couture dress.

I call these type of dresses "skintightassdresses" because yeah they are tight, body hugging dresses which I appreciate because when I myself am wearing one I feel like I am in a whole day abs exercise. You got to keep the tummy tucked actually no, keep you abdominal muscles tight the whole day.

Anyway I will explain the above exercise routine some other time. Well I had to make a different dress yesterday since February as I have been enjoying designing the STAD dresses. I thank God for He blesses me with all kind of clients with different tastes and style. By His grace I am able to satisfy all of them. Yesterday's dress is a frilly-blousy-dress. I have never designed a mock up of something I make before but I felt I should make one this time. It was also because I made a short frill for the blouse.  Please note the picture is not of the actual dress but the mock dress of the one still to be made.

On Wednesday I made three dresses. Two for adult ladies and one for a two year old little girl. I could not finish them off because the clients need to come for fittings first.

Let me go to sleep because I need to wake up at 4:30 for prayer and 5:30am to prepare for gym. Till next blog!

                                                ForeverFait Couture
                                                 "Designed to Fit You"

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