Saturday, March 10, 2012

AND SO IT WAS DESIGNED TO FIT, Making Zimkhitha's Dress

Woww! Time is not on my side and I hoped to have posted this before Cinderella's designer dress turns into rags!!! Oh my, the fake stuff Cinderella wore...the FairyGodMother and China Malll clothes!! LOL!!! Oops I did not mean to get lost in the "happily ever afters"

Today I woke up with stomach cramps because I slept eating a wholenut chocolate! How can something so good do this to me? I had to design and make Zimkitha aka Zita Ceza's dress, Mapula (my lady client/ sister) and he daughter Mpumi. I had to get back to sleep at 6am (missed gym again which might cause me to forfeit wearing my ForeverFaith Couture "skintightassfitting" dresses for I might develop an unwelcome belly bulge) and I had strange dreams. Just to make this read interesting let me tell you a bit of what I dreamed: I dreamed 3 men wanting to marry me and one of them was Akin Omotoso who kept telling me he wants a woman who will take care of him and said I was that woman. Kwaaa! Down! Fast forward.......

Okay, the color is royal blue, the fabric is a matt slinky ( slinky is that stretchy lycra-like fabric). I just cut the fabric like that blind artist on the series Heroes (LOL! Sorry if you have no idea what I am on about). I made a one sleeve, Grecian- inspired dress which looks like what Venus, the Goddess of love would wear to the Royal wedding or the Queen's High Tea (and the crack addicts think the Gueen's tea has coke). The dress has a silver ring infused into it which makes it so elegant and expensive....looking.

I would post the dress here but because she has not received it yet as I was supposed to deliver it (yes I do dliver but at an extra cost). I told her about it and she asked me to send a picture so I donned it on Deedee my  mannequin (clothes display doll for those who allergic to dictionaries) and took a picture and sent it to her. She was over the moon.

I will tell you tomorrow how Zita behaved on receiving the dress and probably even take a picture of her in the dress and post it on here. I love the dress and want it for myself as well. I sent my guyfriend (no, not boyfriend but friend who is a guy) and he placed an order right there for his lady friend who's birthday is soon. So guys I am expeting your call to order for your friends or women.

This dress is another one of my "more-than-one-way-to-wear dress". There's one I made whic is another Grecian- Inspired dress and that one can be worn 6 diferent ways. I will tell you more aout it if you have not seen it.

I then made a T-Shirt for my friend who is a guy. I call it the "NotInTheMood"/Lazing T-shirt or rather the LazyBoyfriendT. I will show you how to wear this mans T-shirt as a girl yet maintain your God-given beauty.

 To God be the glory!
                                              ForeverFaith Couture
                                              "Designed To Fit you"

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