Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Tshimologo is such a wonder infront of a camera and away fro it because she is such a joy-filled, playful, adrable and talkative little girl. Whe I made this outfit for her I already had met her before and knew what kind of a dress she would enjoy.

Because her mom, Kentse Madikgetla personally loves clothes I knew her daughter will not be much different. I made her a Xitsonga-inspired tutu dress. Her outfit is rather a four in one outfit. You know how children can get when they play. They will make you wish you packed in extra clothes to change when they soil themselves so this outfit solves that drama.

As you can see the above pictures the outfit is a tutu dresss with a touch of Xitsonga on the top and when you peep through the tutu you can see the full Xitsonga dress. On the picture below she is wearing a top and a skirt.

Below here on the following picture she is wearing the outfit as a 3-piece suit with the top, overskirt to make top longer and shorts.

She can also wear just the top and pants as below. This actually makes this outfit a 5-in-one rather than just 4-in-one.

If you want to make it a typical girly-dress that is not a culturally-inspired outfit you can mix match the tutu skirt with another plain top as below.

Tshimologo is such a princess as you can see

A Beautiful Princess

It was such pleasure taking Tshimo's pics. She is such a natural

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