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I am writing about this wedding two years later because what is brought to my memory is how it was all easy and how I never had any hassle with the bridesmaids or getting the correct fabric and the design itself. God rought to my attention, that everything is born in prayer. Knowing that the people I served in this wedding are all born again, prayerful, non-word-compromizing, whole-hearted-God-serving christians, I believe they did not just pray for the wedding ceremony but also covered me daily as I worked on their dresses.

Landing from Heaven Above

I had to design and make bridesmaid's dresses for Phumzile Nxumalo's wedding which was on the 15th of January 2011. Phumzile was referred to me by a friend of mine Florina, whom I gave the name Flawless Flo because her beauty and character are so Flawless. Flawless Flo is a make up and beauty technician and Phumzile's friend. Phumzile, her husband, Khaya Nxumalo and her bridesmaids, all fellowship where Flo and I fellowship in Grace Bible Church in Soweto. Like all the brides Phumy was happy, friendly, and full of peace. Her bridesmaids are also so much like her in personality and character. as the saying goes:"Birds of the same feather flock together." What was greata s well is that they are almost the same size and body structure so I did not work to hard with pattern grading and sizing.

Phumy's colour scheme was lilac and dark silver. The dresses were A-line strapless wrap-dresses with a grey fabric belt. The dresses had diamante details on the chest. The ladies came on time for regular fittings and sizing and everything was done in record time. I even had the priveledge to go and dress them on the wedding day. Flawless Flo did the bride and her bridesmaids' make up.

The Glory of God
The Fashion Designer and The Bridesmaid

I was invited to the wedding but I could only attend the wedding ceremony in church as the bride and groom exchanged the vows. I had to attend our Children's Church camp planning meeting. Well anyway for me, this is the wedding for me. Hearing to people vowing to God in front of witnesses that they will love each other as husband and wife and never separate.

The Exit Song and Dance after The Bride and Goom's Marriage

 The Bride looked so beautiful in her white gown.She looked like she came straight from heaven especially for the bridegroom. As you can see the joy on the bridegroom's face below. He looks like he cannot contain himself. What a blessed couple the Nxumalo's are.

The groomsmen were all suited in grey and lilac shirts and ties with white waist coats. The bridegroom's suit was darker/charcoal grey suits. The flower girl looked all so pretty with a white flowergirl's dress, white stockings and white shoes to match. The ringbearer was dressed somehow like the groomsmen. He looked so handsome in his miniature suit and bowtie. But truth be told he looked much handsome than all the men including the bridesgroom himself. LOL!!!

The Ever Beautiful Women of God
And all the man said: AMEN!!!

The Cutest of them All
A year later I saw the blessed couple, Khaya and Phumzile Nxumalo in church carrying a set of twins and my heart skipped with praise and joy to God. I look forward to seeing them every Sunday sharing the parenting responsibility of their beautiful twin boys and smile inside. Every time I see them I tell my fiance that I pray and hope for twins as well. Hahaha!! But it is all up to God. May the Lord continue to strengthen this beautiful union between the Nxumalo's.

God's Blessings of Honour

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